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PC Crash

PC-Crash™ is a Windows™ 3D collision and trajectory simulation tool that enables quick and accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents. PC-Crash was developed by Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH and has been the subject of nearly two decades of technical validation studies.  PC-Crash has been accepted in courts across North America and around the world.

PC Crash provides

    » Flexibility to simulate collision of up to 32 vehicles(such as cars, motorcycle, buses, trucks, tractor trailers)in 2D and 3D.

    » Simulation of various crash configurations such rollovers and objects up to detailed specifications.

    » Multibody systems available to configure vehicles and objects up to detailed specifications.

    » Madymo model to run both belted and unbelted occupant simulations.

Once trained in PC-Crash, you can

    » Obtain desired values such as impact speed, delta-v, sideslip angle.

    » Validate and visualize a crash in 3D to get the full knowledge.

    » Simulate alternative scenarios (e.g. what effects tyre conditions would have in a crash, effects of using ABS/ESP etc.).

Who can use PC Crash

    » Accident Reconstructionist.

    » Police.

    » Insurance Companies.

    » Automotive Industry.

    » Academic Institutions.

PC-Crash Training by JP Research India Pvt. Ltd.

JP Research India Pvt. Ltd are the official distributors and trainers for PC-Crash in India. Training will be conducted in batches of 4-5 participants who will be trained in:

    » Drafting different types of roads in 2D along with all captured scene evidences.

    » Creating environmental factors of a crash as close as possible to the real world scenario.

    » Loading vehicles up to specifications and giving sequences.

    » Reconstructing the crash and obtaining 3D render videos.

The training will be held over a couple of days and preferably at the participant’s work location.

If interested please send a request to

Hardware Requirements:

PC-Crash is suitable for all Pentium and higher computers, running Microsoft windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8. PC-Crash will run with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of these operating systems.

    Processor                : 1 Ghz IA-32 Processor

    Memory(RAM)          : 1 GB

    Graphics card          : DirectX 9 graphics processor

    HDD free space        : 16 GB of free disk space

Please note that on-site crash investigation of a crash, though not a prerequisite, is important in understanding the crash in detail. We suggest that participants using PC-Crash also get a basic training in on-site crash investigations.